Do you have a high profile?
Are you seen as a High Net Worth Individual? 
Do you find yourself on the road less travelled or in hostile environments?
Do you have commercially sensitive information?
Any of these factors will certainly make you an attractive proposition for kidnap and ransom (K&R) in its many forms.

Kidnapping is steadily growing and prevalent threat in many countries across the world. This threat now comes in many forms, from the traditional basic kidnapping to the growth in tiger, express or virtual kidnapping.
Ask yourself  "Am I prepared?"
Have you thought about the risks? The threat?  Could you spot the danger signs? Do you know how to avoid the threat?
And if the worst happened, are you mentally and physically prepared to deal with kidnapping and captivity?
Are your family and loved ones prepared, would they know what to do?


It is no secret that specialist members of the Armed Forces and High Ranking government officials, such as the Prime Minister; and their staff receive thorough briefing and training on what to do in the event of security threats, kidnapping, hostage taking and interrogation. 

We know this as we used to design and deliver it.

Now this training can be available to you and delivered by the same experts who briefed the highest levels of government, celebrities and VIPs. If you believe you maybe at risk, find yourself travelling off the beaten track or to risk countries then this training is vital.

For business, the safeguarding of commerically sensitive information can be critical. We will show you how to protect it even when under extreme pressure or interrogation.

The Training

Our training package is suitable for individuals or groups such as a board of directors.
The training is based on real life data and research and is designed to give you the best chance of surviving mentally and physically and returning intact.
The training package can be delivered in a morning or afternoon; in your place of work or at home. 
Training delivery is based on a presentation and discussion. Audience interaction is actively encouraged.
Subjects matter includes:

Personal Security and safety
Counter surveillance
Motives and conduct of kidnappers
Coping mentally with captivity
Psychological survival
Safeguarding sensitive information

(max group 5 people)

More advanced packages are available, including practical training. Please contact us to discuss your requirements

Contact us at:

lace wigs uk

DUTY OFFICER 24/7 Support

Duty Officer Scheme
We also offer the Duty Officer Scheme. Through our partnership App we provide 24/7 medical advice and security support. In the event of serious emergency we can arrange med-evac & repatriation services.

In the event of a crisis or emergency you can contact the Duty Officer 24/7 and they will provide and render assistance or engage the Response Team if required.
6 month and 12 month subscriptions available.Contact us for latest prices.


Thank you for contacting us.
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