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Every year thousands of young people embark on a Gap Year. With a range of far flung and interesting destinations and activities on offer; the question is, are you as a parent properly prepared? is your son or daughter prepared?

Gap Year Safety Training

According to Home Office figures, 250,000 young people will engage in a Gap Year experience. Sadly 33% of these will experience some sort of problem, ranging from minor medical emergencies, victims of petty crime right through to more serious incidents. Importantly many of these incidents which can spoil a Gap Year experience are avoidable.

We aim to prepare students for both the most likely scenarios and the worst case with an emphasis on prevention.
Uniquely and more importantly we also prepare parents/guardians on how to deal with situations, what actions to take and preparations they should make. So if that phone call comes in the middle of the night you are ready to act.

Through our partnership App we provide 24/7 medical advice and support. In the event of emergency a single button will connect to a dedicated call centre. 

It also gives parents & guardians the abilty to Track & Trace; providing up to date location reports worldwide.

The packages follow our PREPARE-PREVENT-PROTECT doctrine and subjects include:

Personal safety & security
Personal preparation & administration
Packing and equipment
Cultural/Country Brief
Medical & Health advice
Emergency First Aid
Safe Travel in country
Dealing with emergencies
Coping with stress
Disaster response

We offer 2 main training packages, Individual and Group. 

Individual Package
Designed to be delivered to a group of up to 5 in a domestic environment.
It comprises of 4 x 45 minute presentations/workshops which follow the same themes as the group package, but with additional briefings and preparation for Parents/Guardians.
On completion of the package you will be presented with a document pack to compliment the training.

Booking fee £50.00
Call for latest offers

Group Package
Designed to be delivered to 6 to 20 people at a time and is ideal for club or academic environment.
The package comprises of 3 x 60 minute workshops which follow our PREPARE-PREVENT-PROTECT doctrine. A document pack is also presented to each student to compliment the training.

Booking Fee £100.00
Price Per Student from £90.00

As with all our products we can tailor to your individual needs, please contact us to find out more.
Contact us at: 

or Call +(44) 7944 740410

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DUTY OFFICER 24/7 Support

Duty Officer Scheme
We also offer the Duty Officer Scheme. Through our partnership App we provide 24/7 medical advice and security support. In the event of serious emergency we can arrange med-evac & repatriation services.

In the event of a crisis or emergency you can contact the Duty Officer 24/7 and they will provide and render assistance or engage a Response Team if required.
6 month and 12 month subscriptions available.
Contact us for latest prices.


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