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Executive Sevices

At Minerva Concepts we design and deliver cutting edge training, drawing from a pool of subject matter experts.

All our training is based on a mixture of academic research and real life experience, we aim to reflect what happens in the real world and prepare you accordingly.

Executive Travel Safety

Do you have staff travelling abroad, particually to developing countries?
It is important that they know the risks, how to avoid them, how to stay safe.
Should the worst happen they need to know what to do so they can return safely brazilian hair.
We can offer the exact same training that is available to to High Ranking government officials, such as the Prime Minister. 

Could your staff be targeted for illegal detention? Maybe to extort money from your compnay?

For your business, the safeguarding of commerically sensitive information can be critical.

We will show your staff how to protect it even when under extreme pressure.

Emergency Action Planning

Many businesses have resilience and disaster recovery plans.  But with the evershifting terrorist threat, are you prepared for the worst. Do you have an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) to deal with a bomb threat? a shooting or active shooter? Do your people know what to do?
We have a thorough understanding of the threat and can help you prepare an EAP and ensure your people know what to do. 

In particular we specialise in providing EAP and Crisis Response training for schools.

Specialist Services

We can also offer advice and expertise in:
• Business Resiliance
• Disaster Recovery
• Crisis Management
• Kidnap and Ransom Response

We also offer Military advice to Film and Television production companies.
Please contact us in the utmost confidence to discuss your needs



Thank you for contacting us.

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